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Digital signage content managment made very easy. Version 10.8 out now! Book a demo and get a full understanding of Smartsign and what we can do and get FREE test licenses!

Smartsign Display Manager gives you quick and easy control over digital signage as a marketing channel. With Smartsign Display Manager, you control your message and can deliver exactly what you want.

The platform is extremely stable and flexible, and is suitable for all industries. Smartsign is user friendly that everyone in the company can use Smartsign to inform and inspire. Smartsign is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software for digital signage, with more than 20 years’ experience of digital signage installations all over the world, and have local support in Austrailia.

Smartsign  – more than a digital signage software

Web-based interface

Support for most browsers. No software needs to be installed for users.

Calendar-based scheduling

Plan and schedule when the content is to be displayed on screens, e.g. Mondays 09:00-10:00.

Automated workflows

Monitor files – when the scheduled file has been edited, the screens are updated automatically. You can also monitor RSS flows or Twitter etc.

Extensive file format support

Support for most common file formats, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, video, HTML.

Template creator

An easy way to create content and make sure your branding, look and feel stays consistent, ready to go templates that can be tailored to your brand and your communication needs quickly and easily. We offer a wide range of templates that are loaded onto your site that can be tailored to your brand, ensuring that your communication needs are met in a quick and easy manner working from home.

Interactivity: Trigger-based content

Based on input from different sources, fire alarm, sensor, push of a button, with our app, and other input sources show content automatically.

Smartsign Share

Just click the share button in Smartsign manager, and start sharing your screens to people working remotely! Smartsign share is a quick response to help our users continue their work as smooth as possible, even when working from home.


We always help you and support you to get things to work the way you want and to be able to do all you need to do. If you have any questions after the introduction session we will always be there for you. bYou will get a tailor made interface for your users and access to the things they need or access to it all. we always support your onboarding and setup Talk to us and we are there for you. We know hardware and software for you digital signage solution!

Free training

When you become a customer of ours, you have access to our free online training courses in Smartsign Display Manager, where you learn the basics about how to use the platform.

Free software updates

With smartsigns cloud service you are always up to date, with automatic software updates.

More products and add-ons


The Smartsign Wayfinder is an add-on that’s equally suitable serving a conference facility, hotel setting or an office environment with a vast number of meeting/ conference rooms. The Wayfinder solution guides staff and guests to the right meeting rooms and can also manage facility bookings by connecting to your existing system.

Mobile Play

Smartsign Mobile Play Is the perfect delivery system for making information available to co-workers on the go and the perfect solution for quick and flexible internal communication. Smartsign Display Manager lets you push any message such as text, images, audio, video or docu- ments to any smartphone or tablet. Target tailored content to different recipients and ensure that specific persons or groups receives the right message at the right time whenever you want.

Smartsign Sync

Make easy super easy! Smartsign Sync allows you to make changes and updates to your content – on your computer, your cloud service or remote server. Your changes are automagically synchronized with Smartsign Display Manager and published on your screens.

Screen saver

The Screen saver add-on makes it possible to push your content to screen savers. This can make dormant screens throughout an entire office scene come alive to convey tailored messages.

Missing something?

This is just a few selected things that is possible with Smartsign, so do not hesitate to give us a challange!

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Book a personal demo of Smartsign Display Manager

We’ll take you step by step through how you can use our smart solutions for your specific needs.

When you book a demo, we’ll contact you, determine your needs and schedule an online demo, often on the very same day.

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Book a personal demo of Smartsign Display Manager

We’ll take you step by step through how you can use our smart solutions for your specific needs. When you book a demo, we’ll contact you, determine your needs and schedule an online demo, often on the very same day.

Kontakt os så kan vi komme i gang med Smartsign Display Manager

Morten Prang
International Sales Director

Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria

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Kontakt meg for å komme i gang med Smartsign.

Espen Gill Latham, Smartsign's Sales Manager, Norway

Espen Gill Latham

Sales Manager Norway

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Antti Ilvonen

Pre-Sales Engineer Finland and Baltic states

Adress Suomi

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