Digital signage for manufacturing

Enlighten your night shift – and your day shift

The single biggest problem communicating with factory and warehouse personnel is the fact that a large number of them do not work in front of computers. But with the help of digital signs and Smartsign, you can share all your most important information with these employees – and inspire them to act on it.

Anywhere employees work in shifts, it can be problematic for a company’s management to get the most important information out – especially to those who work the night shift, as many of them do not access computers as part of their job. But by strategically placing digital screens in accessible places around the premises, you can easily reach out to all your employees exactly where your message will mean the most. And by placing information screens with Smartsign in places like a control room, you can also reach employees who have difficulty leaving their workstations.

Common use cases.


Display schedules, metrics, goal chart, results, production data, statistics etc.

Instructional videos

Show instructional videos in multiple languages to increase awareness of routines and rules as well as general tips.


Display information regarding restrictions and permissions on the selected screen, or all, based on current activities.


Display information about activities, events, trainings, routines, meetings and much more.


Use the screens to show off positive accomplishments and group achievements, or celebrate someone's birthday!

Compiled data

Clarify information from your external systems such as Microsoft PowerBI, Qlickview, Tableau and Excel.

"Our screens help us reach all our employees at the same time – quickly and easily. And that’s worth a lot to us, since half of our employees are factory workers without computers or intranet access."

Gustaf Rydelius, Volvo Group.
Gustaf Rydelius, Volvo Group

"We often work with temporary work sites in our projects, and our workers don’t always have the same site manager. That’s why the screens make such a difference – our information always gets through no matter what and the managers now have an additional channel to reach out through."

Carina Nilsson, Peab.

Carina Nilsson, Peab

Safety first at ABB

The challenge of presenting security information and getting visitors to understand the message disappeared thanks to Smartsign.


Reaching everyone – smoothly and instantaneously

Volvo Group reaches all their employees at the same time thanks to Smartsign, it's flexible and easy to control and update.


Peab gets the message through to their workers – digitally and directly

They went from printed newspaper to digital signage, and today they have a channel that informs the workers and relieves the managers.


A channel that includes all employees.

The digital signs gives you a unique communication channel that is located in your employees physical working environment and immediate give you the chance to reach them. Those responsible for communication can rely on the fact that important messages reaches out in the right time and gets to be seen by everyone. 

Easy communication – locally and centrally.

Smartsign is a powerful tool and can handle around 100 different authorization levels. Meaning you can have several editors responsible for individual areas in your organization, and also administrators who can handle content on all screens.

Communicating locally based information is often appreciated and has often a much greater impact on the recipient. The strength of Smartsign is that you can combine both parts and also control when the content should be visible, in which country, town, business or department. That’s what we call smart communication!


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Selection of manufacturing industries that uses Smartsign.

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