Visibility where it matters. Digital Signage at Södertörn University.

Visibility where it matters.
Digital Signage at Södertörn University.

Keeping students informed

Södertörn University has lot of support for its students available, everything from career advice, study guidance, student health to help with accommodation and plenty more. The challenge is making this information accessible. Södertörn’s student website has an important role in this, but may not always have the necessary visibility.

Another solution is posters, which have high visibility, but bring logistical challenges that can be avoided by using digital media. With this in mind, digital signage is a good fit, extending the reach and visibility of everything Södertörn University has to offer.

What’s a good spot for signage?

• Many people in circulation
• Visible placement
• Location-based need for information

The project was realised by Atea’s digital signage team. The content, design and communication strategies were managed internally, by the Communication & PR unit at Södertörn University.

The installation runs the cloud-based Smartsign Display Manager, and Smartsign provided specialized training in the start-up process. Smartsign also implemented the designs by graphic designers at Södertörn, producing layouts and templates.

Screens and videowalls on campus

Södertörn University’s signage solution covers multiple locations around the campus, mixing videowalls and single screens. There is a general need for student information on the campus, often tied to a specific location.

• Large campus, different buildings
• Locations with differing information needs
• Usually a lot of people in motion

Site-wide vs. local content

The Communication & PR unit handles the site-wide publishing on the screens, and local staff are in charge of the library and the new Infocenter.

To maintain balance, a general rule for how much content in the main area of the screen should be site-wide relative to local information is 20/80. So about 80% comprises local messages, and 20% is site-wide.

One step at a time – a roll-out strategy

First the videowall in the Infocenter, then the library, and so on. A “one step at a time” strategy has been helpful during implementation, because the organisation learns from each step. For example, in the design for the second videowall, the library has made some slight changes in a template so that publishing is a little easier for the local administrators.

Crisis communication

Locations similar to Södertörn University have experienced incidents that required swift information to people on the premises, so one of the requirements for this signage solution was the ability to provide crisis communication.

Two of the most important factors in crisis communication are high visibility and time. Signage is obviously a good fit for high visibility and for quickly publishing a message all over the site. The system is configured to give priority to urgent messages, which override the locally published content. With just a few clicks you can publish emergency messaging all over campus.

The result – Visibility where it matters.

With a well thought out publishing organisation and the right tools and knowledge to make it possible, Södertörn University has created a solution that get message out where it matters, when it matters.

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